Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 days in Pics, or He was so bored, he started this blog again!

Hey everyone!  As most of you noticed, I erased all my old blog posts.  I am starting again, this time I am determined to find something to write about that not only I enjoy, but others too!

For my first (new) post I am running a contest!  That's a real prize and everything (nothing spectacular mind you).

For the entire month of June I will post a picture, once a day, every day!  The picture can come from anywhere, it doesn't matter, the best caption will win the day, win the day and you get to help decide what the next picture is.  Win the most days and you get a GIFT!  The gift will be different depending on who are.

If you are someone whom I know and am familiar with, the prize will be personalized to you.  If I don't know you well enough or feel like being lazy, then you will win a $20 gift card!

(Update: since I am allowing my wife and all my friends to participate, I will use an impartial judge of a coworker whom I know won't be participating)


1.) You only get one (1) caption.  If you don't like it, you may delete your comment and re-enter by the end of the day

2.) If your caption is not in by 7a.m. the morning after, it doesn't count!

3.) Each winning caption nets you one (1) point
              Getting someone else to participate and mention that you sent them, nets you a half (.5) point

4.) Most points on July 1st wins!


  1. That's a fun idea! I'm not inelligible to win because I'm your wife am i? lol

  2. Technically no but what do I possibly have left to give you. J/K. Love you